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Fly to Montreal

Come see our beautiful city where you get a real taste of French culture right here in North America


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Come visit Montreal and see what this beautiful city can offer.

Montreal is a city of culture, history but don’t just come to take the sights in. We have the best restaurants and nightclubs in all of Canada. Hell, we think we even rival New York! Let alone Toronto. Come visit us!

Visit Montreal

Visiting Montreal is a no brainer really, it should be on your top 3 list of places to visit this Summer.

Planning a Trip

Montreal can be really busy during certain times of year like the Grand Prix, Just for Laughs festival or our famous Jazz festival. So plan accordingly.

Things to Know

Really important to do your homework. Although no French laungage speaking is not required, it’s great to be able to say a few things to the locals. They appreciate it!

How to visit Montreal, Canada in style.

We love our city! Why wouldn’t we right? That being said, there’s a few things to think about when visiting the city, right from Flying into Pierre Trudeau airport to how to get into the old city in downtown Montreal.

Helping Montreal Visitors for 10 years!

We have been helping, Canadians, Americans and many other nationalities visit Montreal in style for 10 years in a row! Contact us and see how we can create a unique experience for you and your friends. From a stag or doe party to visiting and seeing the sights we have something for everyone. If you are visiting the city for a conference please make sure that you read our Errors and Omissions insurance policy as we want to make sure that we meet all of your needs and can provide you with the right Insurance Advice for your trip at any moment in time. The right business insurance policy is incredibly important to protect any business travel planning. Contact us to find out more about how we can protect you with our Insurance coverage that we have with the best Canadian Insurance Companies.


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Our Unique Trip Planning

Our process is unique, we can find out exactly the trip that your looking for. Tell us a little bit about what you are trying to get out of your trip. Something family friendly? Something fun and entertaining or do you want to go all out with your buddies on a bachelor party? We have something for everyone, contact us so we can create your perfect trip.

The Right Choice

You’ve made the right choice, by choosing us as your Montreal travel planner. We know all of the little nooks of the city that tend to get overlooked but shouldn’t be missed. We have been providing business traveler advice in across Canada. Including in Ontario and the Province of Quebec. We are able to provide business advice on where to stay and where to eat anywhere in the city. This includes providing lodging advice for company events especially special events that require a large group of individuals all at once. This is a special kind of advice that requires attention to detail with a great deal of organization skills. Our Travel Agency is the right one for you if you are looking to make the next business travel meeting a success. Since we are providing advice we make sure that our Insurance Company is fully behind us and able to indemnify in case you have an unfortunate accident or something just doesn’t end up the way you want it to. Contact us today and see how we can help you plan the trip of your dreams!

A Leader In The Travel Industry

We are fully insured and meet all of the Quebec Provincial regulations.

400+ Satisfied Customers

“The folks at FlyMTL helped me so much, the trip was amazing thanks to them.”

Janet Renolds

“I had planned my trip myself and was having a horrible time until I called flymtl and then they changed everything for me right down to where I was staying. It was great!.”

Sara Blankenship

Our Pricing

We offer the best notifications and alerts on where to stay and where to eat in Montreal. Our company is fully backed by Licensed Insurance Professionals so that we can provide you a safe and gauranteed experience backed by an Errors and Omissions policy that can’t be beat. Sign up to one of our plans below.

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